Custom Precision Gear Solutions

Precision Gear Master

Tailor-made Custom Gear Solutions

From prototype to high-volume production, PairGears offers you the best solution.

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Excellence in Automation

Precision Craftsmanship, Driving the Future

Leveraging Cutting-Edge Technology for Unmatched Precision and Efficiency.

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Gear Manufacturing Redefined

Gear Manufacturing, Pursuing Excellence

Utilizing advanced technology to meticulously craft every detail, ensuring the highestquality for each product.

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Customized Services

  • Accept customization of replacement parts of all brands
  • Part of the mold cost is shared

Fast Service

  • Drawing in 1 day, quotation in 2 days
  • Sample production in 15 days, mass production in 30 days

Precision Manufacturing

  •  Achieves up to ISO 1328 standard Grade 4 accuracy
  • Equipped with comprehensive experimental testing equipment

Quality supply chain

  • Diversified supply chain integration
  •  Effective cost and quality control

Agent Support

  • Flexible collaboration models
  • Competitive sales pricing

Dreams & Precision

The Innovative Journey of Customized Gears

At PairGears, we are committed to manufacturing custom gear that meets your precise needs. As a partner, we listen and meet your customized needs, whether it's powering machinery or outfitting high-performance gears, our technology and services ensure every product is delivered precisely to specification. Choosing us means turning mechanical dreams into reality together. Every gear is the carrier of your dreams and innovations. Let us start this precision manufacturing journey together to create perfect precision gears.Learn More


Precision Gear Solutions

Whether it is gears that provide efficient power for agricultural machinery, or gear shafts with excellent performance for commercial vehicles, construction machinery or tram drive motors, we rely on our exquisite craftsmanship and professional customization services
Agricultural Machinery

We provide gear customization for various agricultural gears, tractors, agricultural machinery transmissions, feed mixing transmissions, etc.

Construction Machinery

We provide replacement parts and customized gear services for various brands of engineering machinery, including excavators, bulldozers, forklifts, cranes, and more.

Electric Vehicle

We specialize in providing customized gear and shaft solutions for electric vehicles. Our technology and craftsmanship meet the high-efficiency, reliable transmission needs of electric vehicles, providing crucial support for the development of electric transportation.


We offer replacement parts and customized gear services for commercial vehicles, including trucks, trailers, concrete mixers, buses, and more, across various brands.


What PairGears Precision Gear Manufacturer Offers

PairGears has more than 15 years of industry experience, providing customers with more different gear needs and cooperation opportunities.

Cooperation Mode

Quick Production

Choose from our existing product library


Customized brand replacement parts


Customized solutions according to needs

Cooperation Type

Brand Owner

Provide OEM/ODM services

Wholesalers & Repairers

Provide stable gear supply and customized models


Provide better cost performance and service support

PairGears One-Stop Service

Precision Gear Customization Service

We have a professional team to ensure that we provide you with consultation and drawing design services quickly.
Design and make drawing

professional team provides you with precision gear drawing design services

Rapid product prototyping

Rapidly transform design drawings into physical prototypes,providing craftsmanship and technical support for customization and mass production

Product testing

Conducting sample testing using specialized detection equipment to ensure sample quality meets client requirements, and providing data references and recommendations for batch production

Mass production

Robust production capacity enables efficient handling of large-scale orders, ensuring timely delivery of high-quality products

Training & Support

Offering training and post-sales technical support to ensure swift familiarization and ongoing maintenance for your team

Quick Quote

Minimum Order for Precision Gears is 1 Piece

We have more than 15 years of experience in precision gear customization, serving more than 1,500+ successful cases, and provide a minimum order service of 1 for first-time customers.

Have design drawing

  • Quote within 24 hours
  • Make the sample within 15 days
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Only have actual samples

  • Free for measuring and design
  • Quote within 48 hours
  • Provide the drawing and sample together
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Only have idea

  • Technology support
  • Drawing Design
  • Become idea to samples
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Perfection Lies in the Details.

Although PairGears' products are not intended for end consumers, they are critical components that directly impact the functionality of mechanical equipment.

——Mr. Liu, founder of PairGears

PairGears Capabilities

Research & Design

More than 10 professional gear R&D design engineers, Obtained more than 10 technical patents

More than 30 advanced gear detection instruments

Manufacturing capacity

With over 430 employees and 60 senior technical staff

Over 300 sets of various professional gear processing equipment

Quality control

Based on the TS16949 quality system to ensure strict control over product quality

Capable of achieving ISO 1328 standard class 4 precision

Supply chain

Offering diversified supply chain integration services

Effectively controlling product costs and quality

Customer Reviews

Successfully Customized Gears for Over 3000+ Projects

After 15 years of focus, we have gained recognition from the industry and customers and solved various gear design problems for our partners.

“Having cooperated with PairGears for 8 years, The quality of their products is stable and reliable, their professional R&D team can solve all our customization requirments. PairGears is a very important partner for us.”

CEI Brand Gearbox Parts

CEO: James

“PairGears' gear design is reasonable, easy to disassemble and replace, greatly improving maintenance efficiency. In addition, their after-sales service is also very thoughtful, responding to customer needs in a timely manner, providing us with great help.”

German Gearbox Repair Center

Engineer: William

“PairGears provides us with gears of stable and reliable quality at competitive prices; PairGears factory has efficient production processes that can quickly fulfill orders. They are our valuable partners in cooperation.”

Brazil Agent

Juliano Vieira


Committed to Our Customers

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