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Start Your Successful Journey as a Gear and Shaft Dealer
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PairGears Understand What You've Been Through

Have you ever encountered the following difficulties when working with other suppliers?

Excessive competition:

Without regional protection, agents often face fierce market competition, resulting in severe compression of profit margins.

High purchase costs:

The traditional supply chain structure may cause agents to bear unnecessarily high purchase costs, affecting profitability.

Complex supply chain issues:

The complexity of the supply chain increases operational difficulty and affects the timely delivery of goods and inventory management.

Lack of product knowledge and technical support:

Agents may have difficulty selling and promoting products due to lack of sufficient product knowledge and technical support.

Insufficient marketing resources:

A lack of effective marketing tools and market analysis may hinder agencies from expanding market share and improving brand influence.

Understanding these challenges that agents may face, we have carefully designed a series of support measures to help agents overcome these obstacles and achieve a win-win situation.

Area Protection

Your exclusive business opportunity

We understand the challenges agents face from excessive competition and erosion of profits without territorial protections. Therefore, we promise to provide each agent with an exclusive sales area. This means you will be the only representative of our brand and products in your territory, reducing direct competition and maximizing your earning potential.

Regional exclusivity:

Clear map definition guarantees your exclusive sales rights in the designated area.

Earning potential:

Enjoy all sales opportunities in the region without worrying about external competition.

Preferential policies

Motivating You Every Step of the Way

We know that high restocking costs and complex supply chain issues are common pain points faced by agents. As our agent, you will enjoy a range of preferential policies, including price discounts, priority order processing, and special rewards programs to ease these burdens.
Price advantage

Price advantage:

Exclusive agency discounts enhance your market competitiveness.

Order priority

Order priority:

Prioritize your order to ensure fast delivery.

Technical Support

Our Expertise, Your Strong Support

Agents often feel challenged when selling and promoting products due to lack of sufficient product knowledge and technical support. We provide a full range of technical support, including product training, technical consultation and troubleshooting, to ensure that you can fully understand and effectively promote our products.

Product training:

In-depth product knowledge and sales skills training.

Technical consulting:

Provide you with professional technical support and consultation at any time.

Marketing Support

Strengthen Your Market Presence

The lack of effective marketing tools and market analysis is a common obstacle agencies encounter when trying to expand market share. We provide agencies with comprehensive marketing support, including branding materials, advertising collaboration, and market analysis reports, to help you overcome these challenges and expand your market influence.

Advertising material:

Professional brand brochures, advertising templates and more.

Market analysis:

Regular market research reports help you grasp market trends.

Cooperation conditions

We are Looking for Partners

To ensure a successful cooperation between both parties, we hope you have:

Industry experience:

Have relevant industry background and market understanding.

Service capabilities:

Excellent customer service and market development capabilities.

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