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Kubota Replacement Parts

PairGears provides high-quality replacement parts for gears and shafts of various kubota branded devices. Our product range is diverse, covering various models of gears and shafts such as kubota combine harvesters, tractors, excavators, etc., ensuring the continuous and stable operation of your equipment.The gears we provide have undergone rigorous testing to ensure that their quality and performance meet or even exceed the original factory standards. In addition to spot inventory, we can also develop and customize gears according to customer requirments to ensure that you obtain the most suitable products.

On this page you can find the gear and shaft replacements you need for various new holland models by OEM number.

Kubota Synchronizer Parts

Product nameOEM numberApplicable seriesDevelopment status
SYNCHRONIZER ASSY3C081-28450KUBOTA M9960Finished DevelopmentView products
KUBOTAFinished DevelopmentView products
SYNCHRONIZER RING3C081-28510KUBOTAFinished DevelopmentView products
SYNCHRONIZER RING3F740-28450KUBOTAFinished DevelopmentView products
SYNCHRONIZER RING3C001-28510KUBOTAFinished DevelopmentView products
KUBOTAFinished DevelopmentView products

Three states of product development

Finished Development

This product can be ordered directly.

Under Development

This product is under development and will be produced soon.


This product is not currently under development and can be customized.

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What Services Can PairGears Provide?

  • Help customers quickly customize reasonable product selection solutions

  • Search the model through the PairGears website and tell us your needs. Drawings will be produced in1 day, quotations will be produced in2 days, and samples will be produced in15 days.

  • PairGears will conduct quality inspection again before all products leave the warehouse.

  • If the model you need is not in stock, PairGears supports customization and customization processes.


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