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Pairgears High-Quality Gear Supply and Customization Services for Brand Owners

As a leading expert in gear manufacturing, PairGears provides high-quality OEM/ODM services for brand owners in the fields of trucks, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, and more. PairGears' professional team will provide comprehensive and customized gear design, manufacturing, and processing services tailored to your unique needs.

Choose Us, And You Will Enjoy the Following Services:

Whether it's OEM/ODM custom parts or aftermarket replacement parts, PairGears can tailor the best solutions for you. With advanced technology, strict quality control, and flexible customization capabilities, we ensure that every replacement product meets your high standards, helping your brand stand out in the market.

1. Gear Design and Development

Our expert team will provide customized gear design and development services based on your needs and requirements.

The specific content of design and development includes:

1. Structural Design: 

Using UG, 3D design software such as Pro/E is used to design gear structures that can achieve precision transmission.

2. Material Selection: 

Strictly select suitable materials based on the gear usage environment and strength requirements.

3. Motion Simulation Analysis:

Through precise motion simulation analysis, optimize the gear structure to ensure the optimal transmission efficiency of the gear.

4. Sample Production:

Produce samples based on the selected materials and design drawings.

5. Sample Testing:  

Measure whether the size and hardness of the sample meet the design requirements.

6. Trial Installation Verification:

Assist customers in vehicle installation testing and verification of samples.

2. Manufacturing and Processing

Whether you provide design drawings or samples, we can transform them into high-quality gear products perfectly.

Core processes of manufacturing and processing include:

1. Forging of Blanks:

High-strength forging processes lay a solid foundation for gears.

2. Lathe Machining:

Fine lathe machining ensures precise gear dimensions..

3. Forming Processes:

Utilizing techniques such as gear hobbing, gear shaping, etc., to achieve precision gear shaping.

4. Heat Treatment:

Through scientific heat treatment processes, we enhance gear hardness and wear resistance.

5. Gear Tooth Grinding:

Achieving excellent surface smoothness and precision for gears.

6. Cleaning and Anti-Rust Treatment:

Ensuring each product is clean and rust-resistant.

3. Customized Production

We understand that each customer's needs are unique. We offer flexible customized production services to meet various special requirements.

Customizable contents include:

●  Material customization

●  Hardness customization

●  Dimension customization

●  Precision requirement customization

●  Exterior color customization

●  Package customization

4. Quality Control

Quality is our lifeline. We strictly adhere to the T/S16949 quality standard and conduct comprehensive quality control for every product.

Key stages of quality control include:

1. Raw material inspection:

Including strength testing and material composition analysis to ensure the quality of each batch of materials.

2. In-process inspection:

Strict monitoring at every stage of production to ensure precise and accurate processes.

3. Finished product inspection:

Including dimension, hardness, and runout testing to ensure each finished product meets standards.

5. Professional Packaging and Logistics Services

We not only focus on product manufacturing but also care about product delivery. We provide customized packaging and logistics services to ensure your products are delivered safely and on time.

Packaging and logistics services include:

1. Customized packaging:

Providing inner packaging, color box packaging, and transportation packaging according to your needs to build a unique brand image.

2. Logistics services:

Providing sea freight, air freight, and customs clearance services to ensure your products reach their destination smoothly.

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