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Comprehensive Guide to Gear Classification - A Multilingual Reference by PairGears

Comprehensive Guide to Gear Classification - A Multilingual Reference by PairGears

Jun 22,2024
1. Introduction
Welcome to the PairGears blog! Today, we're excited to introduce our "Gear Classification" multilingual reference table. As a professional gear manufacturer
, we understand the importance of clear communication and easy identification of gear types across different languages. Our reference table provides a concise and visual guide to help beginners and professionals alike.
2. Gear Classification Table
We have classified various types of gears and provided translations in multiple languages to ensure our international customers can easily understand and utilize this information. Each gear type is accompanied by an image for easy identification.
Here is our "Gear Classification" table:
齿轮分类 Gear Type 기어의 종류 歯車の分類 Tipi di ingranaggi Image
1 直齿轮 Spur Gears 평기어 平歯車
Ruote dentate Image
2 蜗轮蜗杆 Worm Gears 웜기어 ウォームギヤ Viti senza fine Image
3 锥齿轮 Bevel Gears 베벨기어
Coppie coniche
(Con rapporto di riduzione)
4 齿条 Gear Rack 랙기어 ラックギヤ
5 斜齿轮 Helical Gears 헬리컬기어 はすば歯車
Ruote dentate elicoidali
6 等径锥齿轮 Miter Gears 경사기어 マイタ Coppie coniche
(Senza rapporto di riduzione)
7 塑料齿轮 Plastic Gears 플라스틱기어 プラスチックギア Ingranaggi di plastica Image
8 交错轴斜齿轮 Screw Gears 나사기어 ねじ歯車 Ruote a vite standard
9 内齿轮 Internal Gears 인터널기어 内歯車
Anelli con dentatura interna
10 锥齿轮箱 Bevel Gearbox 베벨기어박스 ベベルギアボックス Riduttori
11 其他产品 Other Products 기타 その他 Altri prodotti
Below is a PDF file of the form, which is available for download:
Common gear translation comparison table
3. Detailed Insights and Applications

Each gear type serves unique functions and applications. Here's a brief overview of some common gear types:

a). Spur Gear: 

Known for their simplicity and efficiency, spur gears are used in applications requiring precise speed ratios and high torque.

b). Helical Gear: 

These gears are ideal for high-load applications due to their angled teeth, which provide smoother and quieter operation compared to spur gears.

c). Bevel Gear: 

Used in applications requiring changes in shaft direction, bevel gears are essential in differential drives and right-angle drives.

d). Worm Gear: 

These gears provide high reduction ratios and are used in applications requiring substantial torque reduction.

e). Planetary Gear: 

Known for their compact design and high torque transmission, planetary gears are used in automotive transmissions and industrial machinery.
4. Conclusion

We hope our "Gear Classification" multilingual reference table proves to be a helpful tool for you. Stay tuned for more informative posts on gear manufacturing and mechanical engineering!
For more details please refer to:
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If you need more detailed information or have any queries, please feel free to contact us. Our team at PairGears is always ready to assist you.

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